Summer Facility Project Check-List

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As students and teachers head off for the summer, school facilities leaders and staff gear up for a flurry of activity. This season offers a prime opportunity to tackle significant projects, prepare the campus for the upcoming school year, and conduct essential inspections. During this busy time, it's crucial to remember that you deserve a break too! To make this possible, meticulous planning is key. By crafting a comprehensive summer project list for your team, you ensure tasks proceed smoothly within the allotted timeframe, granting you peace of mind to enjoy a well-deserved vacation. Here's a detailed checklist to guide your summer endeavors and ensure no task is overlooked: 

  1. Pre-Summer Preparation 
    - Plan projects in advance, prioritizing based on urgency and stakeholder input. 
    - Secure top-quality contractors early and explore alternative procurement methods to expedite project timelines. 
    - Allocate contingency funds and leverage additional funding sources to cover unforeseen expenses. 
    - Order materials with long lead times to avoid delays in project completion. 
  2. Summer Classes Preparation 
    - Collaborate with school leadership to designate areas for summer classes or adjusted hours, ensuring minimal disruption to ongoing activities. 
    - Erect caution tape and signage in areas undergoing major maintenance, guiding occupants to alternate routes. 
    - Schedule disruptive work during weekends or when classes are not in session. 
  3. HVAC Maintenance 
    - Replace air filters to optimize air quality and system efficiency. 
    - Check and calibrate thermostats for optimal cooling settings. 
    - Clear outdoor units of dirt and debris to prevent performance issues. 
    - Clean coils to maintain system efficiency. 
    - Inspect for leaks or drips, addressing any issues promptly. 
  4. Plumbing Maintenance 
    - Conduct thorough inspections for leaks and sealant damage. 
    - Address any unusual odors that may indicate underlying issues. 
    - Combat mold and mildew by removing existing growth and installing dehumidifiers as necessary. 
  5. Electrical Maintenance 
    - Inspect, repair, or replace appliances as needed. 
    - Mitigate fire hazards by addressing potential risks. 
    - Ensure all electrical systems are in proper working order. 
  6. Health & Safety Inspections 
    - Test and replace batteries in smoke and CO2 alarms. 
    - Maintain fireplaces for safety and functionality. 
    - Ensure fire extinguishers are properly filled and accessible. 
    - Address any maintenance needs related to lighting, ceiling tiles, and upholstery. 
  7. Energy Efficiency Audit 
    - Seal windows and doors to optimize energy efficiency. 
    - Repair or replace damaged windows to prevent energy loss. 
    - Adjust automatic lighting systems to align with longer summer days. 
  8. Deep Cleaning 
    - Conduct thorough cleaning of HVAC systems, adhering to U.S. Department of Education and CDC guidelines for air quality and cleanliness. 
    - Deep clean restrooms, focusing on touch-free options and informing users of available facilities. 
    - Refresh floors, including waxing tile and VCT floors and steam-cleaning carpets. 
  9. Food Service and Dining Areas 
    - Disinfect all areas where food is prepared or consumed, with special attention to eating areas and food storage spaces. 
    - Degrease surfaces and sanitize eating areas to prevent foodborne illnesses. 
  10. Classrooms, Conference Rooms, and Offices 
    - Perform deep cleaning of all surfaces, emphasizing disinfection and sanitization. 
    - Ensure thorough cleaning of commonly touched surfaces and proper waste disposal. 
  11. Exterior Building Maintenance
    - Conduct maintenance tasks such as lighting audits, playground equipment checks, and fence inspections. 
    - Repaint signage and markings for improved visibility and safety. 
    - Clean gutters, downspouts, and chimneys. Inspect and repair roofing as necessary. 
    - Update outdoor lighting for enhanced security and ambiance. 
    - Address any cracks in masonry or foundation to prevent further damage. 
  12. Pest Control
    - Remain vigilant for signs of pests and take appropriate action. 
    - Fill gaps and cracks to deter pests from entering buildings. 
    - Promptly clean up spills to prevent pest attraction. 
    - Address termite infestations promptly with professional assistance. 
  13. Landscaping
    - Maintain a neat and tidy landscape by mowing lawns and pruning bushes. 
    - Ensure proper irrigation by setting up and programming sprinkler systems. 
    - Assess drainage on slopes to prevent water accumulation. 
    - Apply mulch or fertilizer as needed for healthy plant growth. 
  14. Hardscaping
    - Address sidewalk and parking lot issues, ensuring compliance with safety regulations and ADA standards. 
    - Pressure wash patios, sidewalks, and siding for a clean appearance. 
    - Repair cracks and holes in sidewalks and parking lots to prevent accidents. 
  15. Painting
    - Paint any exterior or interior spaces that need a refresh. 
    - Classrooms and Hallways: Refresh walls for a welcoming environment. 
    - Exterior Walls: Enhance curb appeal and protect the building. 
    - Playground Structures: Improve appearance and durability. 
    - Fences and Railings: Enhance durability and visual appeal. 

By following this consolidated checklist, educational facilities can efficiently manage maintenance tasks and prepare for the upcoming academic year. Employing CMMS software would streamline the entire process, storing it for future reference, and facilitating preventive and corrective maintenance tasks according to tailored schedules. You can track the work being done and continue to build on your tasks throughout the school year. 

Taking it a step further, integrating Capital Planning enables proactive budgeting and long-term planning, empowering institutions to anticipate major construction projects and capital investments several years in advance, particularly during summer periods. 

Streamline your summer work so that you can enjoy the summer too!

Summer Checklist