Sustainable business practices: The ethical disposal of technology

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We are proud to have recently partnered with PhoneCycle Australia as part of a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiative. Together, we have helped minimise our tech carbon footprint through the ethical disposal of 73 decommissioned devices, with the proceeds from these devices donated to our chosen charity The Smith Family. These funds will go towards helping young Australians living in poverty overcome barriers, to enable them to participate fully in their education.

PhoneCycle specialise in sustainable device lifecycle solutions that realises the environmental, social, and economic value of used and end-of-life technology. Their circular economy model aims to divert mobile phones, tablets, and laptops from landfill by extending the working life of these devices through reuse, repair, and recycling channels. At Brightly, we are proud to deliver meaningful change, by ensuring our decommissioned devices are effectively processed to maximise their value, reduce our tech carbon footprint, and give back to the wider community.

The positive environmental impact of successfully diverting these devices from landfill have resulted in the following sustainable outcomes:

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We are dedicated to playing our part in a greener future through the implementation of environmentally and socially conscious practices that deliver impactful outcomes. This is the first stage of further planned upcycling initiatives, and we look forward to sharing our ongoing CSR milestones with the Brightly community, as we continue to drive change through our partnership with PhoneCycle Australia.

For more information on our CSR initiative, please contact Angela Jermyn, Marketing Communications Specialist, at