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Intuitive Solutions for End-to-End Asset Managment

Brightly’s Asset Management for Government solutions simplify the journey to safer, more reliable, and more sustainable communities by paving the way for faster predictive maintenance workflows, intelligent data-driven decision making, and smarter Asset Investment Planning (AIP).

  • Brightly_icon_other_industriesMaximize asset performance
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    Access asset and location data on any mobile device

  • Brightly_icon_other_industriesRemove the need for multiple systems
  • Brightly_icon_other_industriesUse data to justify budget requests and drive capital decisions

The Journey to Asset Investment Planning

What will your community assets and infrastructure look like in a decade? How can you determine where to invest your budget today to have the biggest impact in ten years? And how you can justify these decisions to leadership? Whether you’re just starting your asset management journey or are ready to take the next step to Asset Investment Planning, Brightly has the solution for you.

What is Asset Investment Planning?

Download our latest guide to learn all about the incredible benefits of AIP and how it can help your organization:  

  • More effectively prioritize asset criticality and capital investments,
  • Run multiple funding scenarios to improve resource allocation and justify investment plans,  
  • Maximize asset reliance and efficiency, while minimizing unexpected breakdowns, malfunctions, or other operational disruptions,  
  • Create better clarity around investments for key stakeholders, both in and outside of an organization.
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Brightly Helps Improve Your Financial and Operational Outcomes

Communities have thousands of public assets, and your job is to keep them in good working order. That’s why Brightly has developed a solution for every stage of the asset management journey – from Foundational to Intelligent to Smart – to help government decision-makers support capital and operating decisions with easy to access, real-time, consolidated asset data. 


Foundational Phase

A solid foundation is critical to successfully managing your assets. Brightly’s Foundational solutions’ capabilities go above and beyond the basics to deliver state-of-the-art GIS (embedded or integrated), an easy-to-use mobile app to quickly access work orders and asset information, and the ability to handle any asset class (vertical or linear).

  • Know where all of your assets are located at any time
  • Easily assign and track maintenance activity
  • Accelerate response times to outages 

Insightful Phase

Once you have a solid foundation in place, you can be more intentional and insightful with your asset decisions. Adding preventive maintenance schedules to your routine can help preserve your assets and reduce unexpected downtime. Look at and easily communicate the impact of funding changes, model different funding scenarios, and understand future funding needs (up to 100 years). These capabilities help prioritize capital planning projects, so your most critical and at-risk assets rise to the top for funding.  Brightly’s Insightful-stage solutions also include dashboards and analytics reports that show asset performance, predict asset deterioration, and communicate choices to stakeholders.  

  • Reduce costs and unexpected asset failures
  • Better capital planning with data insights and multi-finding scenarios
  • Prioritize capital funding projects and set up long term funding plans 
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Smart Phase

Government leaders who use data to optimize, prioritize and fund their immediate and long-term needs can expand their view to include “smart” ways of further optimizing assets. Strategically placed IoT sensors in critical infrastructure and equipment can send alerts about asset performance, especially when approaching an intervention point. Forewarned is forearmed as they say, and knowing when to intervene and what activity needs to be done can avert major asset downtime and the impact it has on the community. In addition, projects around sustainability, or nearly any community objective, can leverage information about asset health and operations to create a more inclusive strategy. 

  • Look at energy and sustainability projects with current data to determine future impactful projects
  • Arm your government with information about current asset status 
  • Act before asset failure to prevent major community disruptions 

Smart communities use Brightly to responsibly fund asset maintenance, plan future projects, improve communication, and easily create buy-in from their key stakeholders. The smartest communities use the process to break open the conversation using Asset Management as the catalyst to bring departments and residents together to create a thriving community today and years into the future.