Brightly’s Asset Management Solutions: Achieving a Higher (Educational) Power

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Giving maintenance and operational teams tools to make the dean’s list

For higher education leaders, providing a high-quality experience for students—and keeping a safe and well-maintained environment that fosters learning—is paramount, and a top driver of decision-making. 

Understandably, budgets and the allocation of those funds are important aspects of successfully creating these environments.

Without an asset management system, operational teams are left at a disadvantage, with little visibility into their collective work, no standard method or language to communicate priorities, and no way to track projects, inventory, or workflows. In the absence of data to justify funding, unessential projects can get prioritized over others—leaving your campuses at risk for facility issues or asset failure.

Though it can be challenging to surface operational concerns in any circumstance, managing the assets, facilities, and employees who take care of them must be considered for schools and campuses to remain functional.

At Brightly, we believe optimizing your facilities and operational resources is mission-critical to provide the learning environments necessary for students today and tomorrow. In this guide, we’ll explore how implementing an asset management solution can help your institution harness data to better care for the schools and communities you serve, by:

  1. Increasing operational efficiency
  2. Empowering data-driven decision-making
  3. Assisting on a path toward sustainability
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