Asset Investment Planning: The Keys to the City

1 minute

Put your data to work. Here are 4 areas where asset investment planning can help public works leaders unlock better services for citizens.

When you consider asset management in the context of cities and municipalities, there are a lot of moving parts: the community and needs of its individuals, the maintenance required to keep facilities operational, the decisions made for the greater good with the criteria used to get there, and even the funds that pay to keep the lights on or the taps running (with fresh, clean water).

In short, it’s complex.

For public works leaders, navigating this complicated matrix is undoubtedly a challenge, what with balancing the care and satisfaction of citizens with the realities of the people, assets, and logistics involved with maintaining everything. And yet, in today’s modern world, there is a massive opportunity to adopt new practices or systems and shift our thinking to help our communities thrive.

In this guide, we’ll explore how public works leaders can invest in data and asset investment planning (AIP) to enhance their operations and improve efficiency in water treatment, parks and recreation, facilities, and sustainability.