5 Questions To Ask When Selecting A CMMS

1 minute

Harnessing the power of a CMMS that’s a fit for your organization can help you and your team start working more proactively and productively. Organizations that use a CMMS report an average increase of 28.3% in maintenance productivity and a 20.1% reduction in equipment downtime. 

Want to know how to choose the CMMS that's right for you? To start, you need to ask yourself these crucial questions as you explore your options: 

  • What’s the real cost? 
  • What does implementation look like? 
  • What kind of support are you getting? 
  • What capabilities does the CMMS have? 
  • How credible is the company?

Download our free guide for advice on how to get answers to these important questions, discover tips on what you should look for when selecting a CMMS, and see why Brightly's award-winning support team makes implementing a new CMMS as easy (and successful) as possible. 

Selecting a computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) guide