IoT doesn’t have to be hard

Smart Assets is simple, easy-to-implement and flexible. Start out by monitoring a single asset or asset class and add on as your needs evolve. With a vast selection of sensor types and asset applications, this solution meets you where you are on your journey from preventative to predictive maintenance.

Asset Essentials IOT

How does Smart Assets work?​

Smart Assets – an add-on module in Asset Essentials – enables users to append sensors to assets. These sensors collect and transmit critical information about the asset – such as temperature, pressure or vibrations – and seamlessly trigger work orders in Asset Essentials if something isn’t going right. 

Smart Assets Demo

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What sets Smart Assets apart?

  • Easy and flexible implementation
  • Seamless integration with Asset Essentials
  • Breadth of sensor options across asset types
  • Ability to start small and grow over time

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What can you expect when working with us?
Configurable, easy-to-use tools

Smart Assets is easy to use and configure to meet your unique operational needs.

A safe, enterprise-grade platform

Our cloud-based SaaS solution is certified to meet the highest standards of security and reliability.

Robust data and deeper insights

Take advantage of industry benchmarking and enterprise-level reporting to bring new insights to your decision-making.

Continuous innovation

Your feedback is used to continuously improve and optimize our software solutions.

Flexible and scalable solutions

We offer scalable solutions for organizations of all sizes, optimized for your specific industry.

Increased value of investment

Streamline processes, reduce costs and extend the life of assets and equipment.

Implementation and integration

We’re with you every step of the way, right from the start. We guide your implementation and help with software integrations.

Our legendary support

We’re always here for you whenever you need us — contact us via phone, email or chat.

A true, strategic partnership

Our dedicated Client Service Center teams help ensure you’re meeting your goals and objectives.

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