Change Management Toolkit

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Is change in the air?

In today's world, change is inevitable. As a manager, if a company you work for undergoes any major changes, such as layoffs, acquisitions, mergers, or even just adding new leadership into the mix, it can result in your direct reports feeling confused or uneasy. By asking the questions below, you can gain clarity about reasoning, timing, and expectations and be prepared to support your team.

Download our Change Management Toolkit for some help along the way. Here's what is included:
  • Tips to communicate with your team during times of change
  • Checklist: 8 essential types of information to gather from departing employees
  • 6 questions managers should ask

For additional resources on change management and preparing for the new generation of employees, check out our Guide: Knowledge is power: Preparing the next generation for success.

Download your Change Management Tool