Connecting day-to-day assets to strategic investments and capital planning

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How an asset management solution designed for healthcare can simplify hospital operations

Giving your facility a clean bill of health

To keep acute hospitals and medical facilities safe, clean, and open, there’s a lot going on. While physicians look out for the well-being of individuals, it’s up to maintenance and operations (M&O) professionals to ensure that the spaces designed to heal and treat people are kept in tip-top shape.

From individual work orders, assets, and compliance tasks to preventive maintenance, inventory, and security rounds, the task lists are long, while the nuances of the jobs are complex. In short, it’s not always easy to look after a healthcare facility and keep it running smoothly.

For M&O and finance teams, having the right technology to centralize, view, and analyze all vital operational data can make all the difference — especially for acute care facilities. Asset management solutions designed specifically for the healthcare industry can give operational and financial professionals the tools necessary to proactively optimize operations for successful care or treatment of patients.

To help illuminate how modern solutions like Brightly’s strategic asset management solution for healthcare,
including TheWorxHub™ and Origin™, can help leaders and their teams use data to promote the health and safety of patients and staff while maximizing operational activities, we’ve gathered the top questions you should ask when choosing a healthcare-specific asset management solution, including:

  • Does it simplify compliance?
  • Is it easy to use, including on the go?
  • Does it improve your short and long-term decision-making capabilities?