Housekeeping for TheWorxHub™

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See what our housekeeping software for senior living organizations can help you do in this product video.

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TheWorxHub mobile enabled app was created specifically for the senior living community. It allows your team to deliver world class service to the increasing needs of your resident population. Specific tools have been incorporated to simplify every aspect of housekeeping. To ensure the cleanliness of your buildings and the safety and satisfaction of your residents, all while helping to reduce expenses and control costs.

You're able to streamline the scheduling of housekeepers to include dates, times, resident preferences and special cleaning notes, and also easily make updates to a calendar for fast updates without interruption of service to residents. If you have requests from residents for extra services, you can quickly mark extra cleaning services as billable and send them from the system to a partner financial program to ensure you are compensated.

Senior living communities have continually moved more towards resident choice models on how and when the resident likes to receive services. But historically, they had no centralized program of record, just institutional knowledge that lived within the minds of individual housekeepers. TheWorxHub puts all the information into one easy to use platform. We also heard from communities that one of the biggest headaches they experience is when a housekeeper calls out sick.

It's manual and time consuming to rearrange schedules with the intuitive calendar drag and drop capabilities of the housekeeping app. It becomes much quicker. In the past, many communities have given away services for free because they don't have a process for tracking fee for service. This led many sites to experience service creep and their workforce was doing extra jobs to be nice, which delayed the response time for other jobs.

TheWorxHub makes cost trackable, enforceable and exportable to other financial programs. Our housekeeping management software for senior living makes it easy for you to own your standards, track working and quality, and stay ahead on an infection control. To learn more, contact your account representative.