How to use facilities data to drive toward value-driven intelligence

1 minute

The need for data

Across industries, there are many common themes. Operate efficiently. Save money. Stretch budgets. To achieve these objectives, many companies turn to the same resource: their data.

If you were launching a business from scratch, putting guardrails in place would be easy to ensure you were capturing and utilizing your organizational data correctly from square one. However, most companies are joining the data game from various entry points. For some, admitting you need to use your data is half the battle. For others, understanding the why and shifting from age-old practices is the real challenge.

Today, we’re taking a closer look at why organizations need data and how they can get to a place where value-driven intelligence is possible. This guide explores:

  • The importance of culture in data-driven decision making
  • Data availability and why you need documentation
  • The role of data scientists in value-driven intelligence
  • Industry examples and applications

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