Manufacturer’s dashboard: Insights to drive ROI

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Top 5 trends in operations and asset management affecting the manufacturing industry in 2023

With words like inflation, layoffs and recession appearing in every headline, it can feel like a precarious time to be in business. But for industries like manufacturing, uncertain times can be ripe with possibility.

For manufacturing plant owners and facilities or maintenance and operations (M&O) managers, the cards might seem stacked against your favor. Businesses everywhere are watching the bottom line closer than ever before, the labor market is constantly sputtering between hot and cold and there seems to be a new law or regulation each day for everything from sustainability to redesigned compliance measures.

It’s a great time to be in manufacturing. No, really!

At a time when it feels like no one is showing their hand, the manufacturing industry has an opportunity to level up against the odds. Whether leveraging new funding opportunities, embracing global trends, or implementing new tools to bring this industry into the future, now is the perfect chance for manufacturers to raise bets—and it all trickles down to capturing asset data and doing something with what it reveals.

Ready to see what’s on deck? We’re taking a closer look at the top market trends facing the manufacturing industry, including:

  1. IIJA and other funding
  2. Sustainability and rising energy costs
  3. Supply chain challenges
  4. The increasing complexity of assets
  5. Health and safety