Power up your licensing and permitting with SmartGov

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Giving jurisdictions a Brightly-er solution that works for community planners, dwellers, and everyone in between

Permitting made easy

Ah, permitting. And when we tack on all the documentation associated with parcels, licensing, too.

Balancing the interests of public safety, community well-being, economic growth, and responsible development is no small feat — permitting ensures that progress is achieved in a controlled and sustainable manner that benefits both individuals and the larger community. And then licensing helps to make sure everyone still follows the rules.

For community development directors and building officials, done effectively, permitting (and licensing) can be the source of immense revenue opportunities. But without an intuitive or easy-to-follow system enabled by having the right software in place, the process can cause a big headache for everyone involved.

This guide will explore how Brightly’s SmartGov solution helps local and state jurisdictions promote revenue growth, citizen confidence, and cost savings from one easy-to-use platform. We’ll cover how leaders like you lean on Brightly to

  1. Streamline collaboration and processes
  2. Save time and money
  3. Implement technology that works for (all) the people

Download your copy of this Government guide to maximize your operations and asset management.