Space Management for TheWorxHub™


Check out the Space Management feature within TheWorxHub™.

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Space Management for TheWorxHub™ is an all new module that helps you find equipment, do work faster, map life safety and compliance items by incorporating your space drawings directly into our operations management software. Give life to those binders of drawings, scattered PDF files, and a life safety printouts hanging on the wall in the maintenance office by centralizing access from anywhere inside TheWorxHub.

Quickly find your assets and locate related manuals, schematics, safety data sheets and pictures all through a visual interface. Even filter your equipment records and save commonly used views to be reused easily later. Enhance your drawings with life safety layer uploads and make these accessible to your teams so they can quickly uncover the location of water shutoffs, medical gas shutoffs, exit lighting, fire rated walls and more. Simplify the day to day of work management and ensure staff are up to speed on where their work is located.

By integrating floorplan visuals into their work, you use simple toggles to see other work nearby and optimize work assignments by location.

Improve the accuracy of your corrective work requests and cut down on time wasted clarifying details by allowing your requesters to easily navigate visual drugs in order to find the precise location of work.

Get insight into how space is being used with quick utilization charts that update your drawings to summarize how much square footage is assigned to various uses. With Space Management, it's quick and easy to get started, and our team is here to guide you through every step to bring your facilities to life with new visibility and efficiency. To learn more and to schedule a demo, call us toll free.