Success Story

From Bogey to Birdie: City of Monash Maintains Golf Courses with Brightly Confirm

City of Monash
Monash, Victoria, AUS
City of Monash
Coordinator Strategic Asset Management, City of Monash


The City of Monash wanted to move away from manual, paper-based maintenance scheduling for its golf courses to a mobile asset management solution that allowed its team to access, complete, and record jobs while out on the green.


With Workzone, Monash can now:

  • Schedule jobs days in advance, allowing for improved time management and resource allocation
  • Easily move tasks between crew members for a more dynamic management approach
  • Have a live view of ongoing and completed jobs to better track productivity

With ConfirmConnect, Monash can now:

  • Complete maintenance jobs more efficiently by giving its teams the ability to access live task lists, update asset conditions, and complete activities while out on the course
  • Gain a better understanding of the cost of the maintenance of its golf courses
  • Improve the condition of the golf courses through greater capture of data and analysis


  • Population of 200,000 people
  • Two golf courses catering for over 60,000 rounds played a year
  • One of the longest users of Confirm
  • 362,000 assets in the system today, a mix of previously captured and newly captured assets