Success Story

City of Blue Springs Streamlines Management of Parks, Buildings and Grounds with Asset Essentials

City of Blue Springs, Missouri
Blue Springs, Missouri
Blue Springs
Superintendent of Parks, Buildings and Grounds, City of Blue Springs


The City of Blue Springs’ Parks & Recreation Department is responsible for parks, buildings and grounds across the city, and had a long tradition of regularly asking for more employees to help manage the work without any data to back up that claim. The department needed a software solution that would help its staff stay on track with work requests, as well as collect data to provide easy analysis and visibility of their work.


By implementing Brightly’s Asset Essentials, Blue Springs’ Parks & Recreation Department is now able to:

  • Track labor costs, parts and materials to define needs and service levels
  • Stay caught up on work orders, allowing a focus on preventive maintenance
  • Gain real-time visibility into labor hours and costs
  • Compile trends and data reports to provide evidence of need for funding and manpower requests


Suburb of Kansas City with:

  • Population of about 60,000 in 2021
  • Parks, Buildings and Grounds staff of 20
  • Almost 600 acres of park land and six municipal buildings