Success Story

“Highways Hub” puts people at the center of a disciplined asset management system

Derbyshire County Council
Derbyshire, England, UK


Thousands of miles of pavement, bridges, traffic signals, and even six canal locks needing to be kept in good repair by only 12 two-person reactive maintenance crews


• An average of four jobs completed per day now up to eight

• Reduced repair backlog by 62% in one year and improved on-time job completion rates

• Urgent repairs completed within two hours 100% of the time - up from 67% prior


• Manages local services for the East Midlands county of Derbyshire (excluding the city of Derby)
• Economy, Transport & Environment department maintains nearly 5,300 kilometers (3,300 miles) of roads and their associated structures and equipment
• Reduced funding means the county must optimise use of all resources