Success Story

A “One Stop Shop”: How Asset Essentials Helps to Prepare the City of Howe, TX for 100% Growth

City of Howe
Howe, Texas, United States 
Lead Systems Operator, City of Howe, TX


The City of Howe, located in a fast-growing part of North Texas, less than an hour’s drive from Dallas-Fort Worth (DFW), has long operated with a small staff and old-fashioned processes. When Lead Systems Operator Chris Bristow joined the staff in 2019, he was surprised to find the team using sticky notes and spiral notebooks to record and track work orders.  

“It was really hard just to keep up with work orders, they were often lost and so the work would go undone,” Bristow says. “We never really knew for sure when a certain vehicle was last serviced or if someone remembered to calibrate the wastewater systems each month. If we continued on that track, we were going to be left behind. Our city is expected to grow about 100% within five years, and we needed more accountability and to figure out how to best serve our population.”  

Bristow previously worked at another small municipality that recently exploded in growth due to its proximity to the DFW district, and he knew what the City of Howe could expect. He began researching CMMS solutions and working to get buy-in from decision makers. His deployment as a National Guardsman during the pandemic delayed the process, but finally in 2023, the City of Howe signed a contract to purchase Brightly’s Asset Essentials.  

“I liked the asset management part of the program, and that it also includes work orders and inventory management,” Bristow says. “It’s a one-stop shop for everything rather than having to get multiple different software systems.” After several months of implementation and training, the team began using Asset Essentials in March 2024.



Using Brightly’s Asset Essentials, the City of Howe has been able to:  

  • Understand and track city assets
  • Train and provide a reference guide for personnel  
  • Track work orders
  • Access data more efficiently 


Small but growing city with:   

  • 3,500 residents 
  • 5 maintenance staff members 
  • Expected growth of 100% over the next five years