Success Story

The University of Adelaide optimises asset investment planning for 300+ buildings

University of Adelaide
Adelaide, South Australia, Australia
The University of Adelaide
University of
Adelaide, Australia


The University of Adelaide (UoA) needed a robust asset investment plan (AIP) to manage its portfolio of more than 300 buildings, which vary significantly in age, complexity, and condition. Balancing the needs of these buildings and their associated risks against given funding is a significant challenge.


By partnering with Brightly, UoA has created a 25-year AIP enabling it to:

  • Run “What-If?” scenarios to predict estimated building deterioration and condition levels
  • Prioritise buildings and component renewals based on importance
  • Identify a short-term reduction in funding with an acceptable level of deterioration to its building stock in 5–10 years’ time


  • Australia’s third oldest university
  • Portfolio of more than 300 buildings and an area of around 425,000m2 across four campuses
  • Equivalent full-time student population of circa 22,000
  • Consistently ranked within the top 1% of universities in the world