1+1=3 Infrastructure Renewal: A discussion on the true cost of deferred maintenance

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Struggling to manage your hospitals capital budgeting?  You’re not alone.

Across the country 41% of hospital infrastructure is beyond manufactures estimated useful life – that’s equal to almost 250 billion dollars in unfunded capital.  And it’s getting worse every month – with 1 to 2 billion in assets each month hitting their estimated end of life.  Watch this webinar, 1+1=3: Leveraging Operational Data to Drive Strategic Infrastructure Investment, to learn a new framework for defining staffing needs, defining PM benefits, and utilizing technology to optimize and efficiently execute your AEM/PM programs.

Increasing PM in a time of financial uncertainty is the BEST investment a CFO can make.

It is time to (re)define the ROI of our infrastructure.  

What you will gain:

  • How best in class organizations are connecting operational data to their capital plans
  • The best ways to create strategic asset management plans based on impacts to patient safety and risk exposure
  • Discover the unique “cost bucket” approach to thinking about both operational and capital funding 
  • How to optimally plan funding for preventative maintenance, corrective repairs, and compliance required inspections and testing
  • Highlights of creating an AEM program and the potential impact on budgets