Doing More with Less: Recording inflation, budget challenges and tough labor markets. EAM/CMMS can save you

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Does this sound like you and your organization?

  • Trouble making your M&O budget given these rising costs
  • Not enough hours in the day to get all your work orders done
  • Can’t get a handle on your deferred maintenance?

Learn how EAM/CMMS is a tool that can help you do more with less!

Watch this webinar with Paul Lachance to see how organizations that invest in intelligent, “lean” operations (i.e. “doing more with less”), especially aided with Enterprise Asset Management (EAM)/Computerized Maintenance Management Systems (CMMS) software as well as the Internet of Things (IoT) will fare far better – financially, operationally, safety and team morale.

See how EAM/CMMS can:

  • Automate your preventive/predictive maintenance - reduce disruptive unplanned downtime
  • Optimize your teams keep up with your work orders
  • Have the right spare parts, at the right time when you need them - eliminate costly and disruptive “stock-outs”
  • Reducing waste: energy, scrap/rework, materials, spare-parts and time
  • Help safety and regulatory compliance
  • Use IoT to turbo-charge your preventive/predictive maintenance
  • Make intelligent, data-driven decisions to optimize operations