How IoT Creates Better Outcomes with Better Operations

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Modern technology like IoT (Internet of Things) surrounds us more and more in our personal and professional lives. As our operations become more “digitally mature”, our facilities, assets and systems can tell us when they need our help – 24/7. IoT enables us to shift from a reactive “firefighting” mode towards predictive thinking and planning. The result is better running assets with less disruptive downtime. This ultimately creates better outcomes for our teams, citizens, students, operation teams – everyone we serve. All while saving us serious money. 
Join us as Paul Lachance, IoT expert, lectures on how maintenance and operational professionals can employ IoT solutions to build transparency and visibility into their assets. We will dispel the myth that IoT is confusing and difficult to implement. IoT solutions allow teams to do more with less staff, save money, prevent issues and preserve long-term asset health.  


Learning Objectives: 
  • Defining IoT – in simple, practical terms for the every-day maintenance professional 
  • Practical IoT examples demonstrating the benefit to your organization 
  • How to easily get started  
  • “Better Outcomes”: the benefits/return-on-investment of implementing IoT 




Paul Lachance has spent his entire career devoted to optimizing maintenance teams by enabling data-driven decisions and actionable insights. He wrote his first CMMS system in 2004 and has since spent his professional career designing and directing CMMS and EAM systems. A regular speaker at national tradeshows, he’s been featured at IMTS, Fabtech, SMRP and within several industry magazines. He currently serves as the Senior Manufacturing Advisor for Brightly Software.