Infrastructure Life Cycle Modeling for the Common Corridor™

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Common Corridor™ is an optimized investment strategy that can be achieved by overlaying multiple Life Cycle Model outputs for all infrastructure contained within a geographic area. Two main benefits of this approach are proactively aligning infrastructure work for future improvements and reducing risk associated with aging infrastructure.

Join us as our panel of Strategic Asset Management experts provides key takeaways from the Common Corridor™ approach to life cycle modeling, including: 

  • How to optimize investments across multiple infrastructure classes 
  • How to align level of service, stakeholders, and projects across departments 
  • How to reduce risk across all infrastructure assets
Luke Anderson

Enterprise Solutions Consultant, Brightly

Luke comes from a background in energy automation and HVAC Controls and has been with Brightly Software about 10 years. After receiving him FMP in 2017, Luke has focused on both sides of the asset management world, day-to-day operations, and long-term strategic capital planning. Luke spends his workdays at his home office juggling his son 2-year-old son Everett and his attorney wife Aleks.  Luke’s current role as Strategic Consultant allows him to consult with civic leaders helping to establish clear and justified capital plans.

Jed Byrne

Business Development Representative, WithersRavenel

Mr. Byrne has more than 15 years of Commercial Real Estate experience in the Triangle. He has managed multimillion-dollar development and redevelopment projects, from design to permitting and financing. His academic and hands-on experience in engineering and real estate, combined with his persistence and curiosity, positions him as a problem solver, a valuable resource, and a leader. He continuously monitors and researches the Triangle CRE market, allowing him to recognize trends and opportunities. Jed understands what is needed for projects to succeed – the internal and external requirements and how communication and collaboration are vital components on teams. He is also a member of the Triangle Community Coalition Board of Directors, which is committed to “bringing balanced solutions to growth issues in all our communities.” Additionally, he hosts the WithersRavenel podcast, which profiles company employee-owners and their work.

Brandon Inscore

Funding and Asset Management Practice Area Lead, WithersRavenel

Brandon is responsible for overseeing the areas of Financial Services, Funding, GIS, Pavement, and Asset Management.  His passion lies in helping clients plan for the future.  In addition to providing consultation for local government clients across North Carolina and beyond, Brandon’s experience includes 15 years of public sector experience working for the City of Greensboro before coming to WithersRavenel.

Rob Lovely, PE IAM

Senior Asset Management Technical Consultant, WithersRavenel

Mr. Lovely has over 35 years of experience in the field of infrastructure asset management and supporting technologies. Serving in roles as a Solutions Director, Principal Consultant and Technical Leader, Mr. Lovely has led the procurement, development, implementation, and management of asset management solutions for dozens of organizations across a variety of asset classes throughout the USA and Canada. In this capacity he has demonstrated comprehensive capabilities for integrating the elements of technology, people, and business processes toward a common goal. Results oriented, Mr. Lovely supports the organizations he works with through effective communication among all stakeholders including management, staff, partners and colleagues throughout all phases of asset management implementation.

Steve Lander, PE

Director of Pavement Management, WithersRavenel

Steve is the Director of Pavement Management and has 29 years of experience. His background includes roadway design, drainage design, pavement management, signing plans, maintenance and protection of traffic, pavement markings, site design, erosion control, and construction inspection and administration.

Mr. Lander has successfully implemented over 100 pavement management studies on the East Coast. From his prior project management background in both asphalt pavement construction (3 years) and transportation/pavement engineering (26 years), Mr. Lander knows what is required to implement an effective pavement management system.

For the past 19 years, Mr. Lander has been passionately dedicated to pavement management. This has included managing and conducting municipal pavement condition surveys (PCS), managing and compiling pavement management system (PMS) deliverables, providing persuasive council presentations, developing municipal pavement management plans, and raising pavement condition awareness to the key decision makers which provides a defensible case for increasing pavement maintenance funding.