Infrastructure Renewal – A Discussion on the True Cost of Deferred Maintenance

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Watch Mark Mochel, one of Origin’s founders, present his webinar, Infrastructure Renewal – A Discussion on the True Cost of Deferred Maintenance. Mochel teaches a new framework for defining staffing needs, PM benefits and utilizing technology to optimize and efficiently execute your AEM/PM programs. 


Most organizations have limited capital to support infrastructure investment. And at the same time, facility management teams are under constant pressure to do more with less on an operational basis as well. Limited capital, when combined with resource shortages, can create a death spiral for any facility. Yet our data shows that preventive maintenance can generate a positive ROI for the organization, and investment in maintenance staff and resources is one of the best investments a CFO can make. It’s time to change the narrative! 

Learning Outcomes
  • Accept the reality that the financial impacts of the pandemic, in some form or another, will increase investment scrutiny for years to come. There is no looking back to the past. 
  • Understand the total cost of facility management. Look at both operational and capital investment needs when building a business case for your leadership. 
  • Define deferred maintenance and understand the long-term financial impacts of short-term budget restrictions. Redefine infrastructure impact on financial and business outcomes instead of engineering concerns. 
  • Create a framework for non-discretionary and discretionary workload, so that you can engage with your leadership on meaningful budget discussions. 
  • Recognize that it is possible to change the culture of any organization. Manage up to include infrastructure in strategic planning to create your facility success plan.