Summertime Tips and Tricks for Facilities Professionals

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Summer is here! As schools wind down for the season, facilities leaders gear up for a flurry of activities. But don't forget—you deserve a break too! Hit the beach or maybe an ice cream store. 

Join us for a quick 15-minute Ed Talk on Tuesday, June 18 at 1:00PM EDT to learn how meticulous planning can ensure smooth operations while leaving time for a well-deserved vacation or a cold treat break. 

We'll cover essential topics like 

  • Our comprehensive checklist, including pre-summer preparation, HVAC and plumbing maintenance, health and safety inspections, energy efficiency audits, deep cleaning, and more. 
  • Why CMMS software can simplify the process by storing data for future reference and facilitating preventive maintenance tasks. 
  • And strategies on integrating capital planning for proactive budgeting and long-term planning. 

Join us to streamline your summer workload and make time for summer fun!