What we've learned about Legionella in healthcare settings

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Healthcare facilities serve the populations at highest risk for Legionnaires’ disease. Appropriate water safety and management processes must be in place to ensure Legionella bacteria do not grow and spread in your water system.

In this interactive webinar, you’ll learn from veteran water specialists Bill Pearson & Jack Murphy about how your healthcare facility can comply with the latest water management mandates. Some of the take-aways from this session include:

  • Ways to identify at-risk water systems that could be a potential source for Legionella
  • Tips and strategies for water safety and management
  • How to ensure your water management processes comply to the new Joint Commission (TJC) standard

Watch to learn 1) how you can keep your facilities safe from waterborne pathogens like Legionella, and 2) how to comply with the newest standard of care for water management.


William E. (Bill) Pearson II
CWT, ASSE Chief Science Officer, IWC Innovations

Jack Murphy
ASSE Chief Revenue Officer, IWC Innovations

Josh Malbogat
Senior Director, Healthcare & Senior Living, Brightly