7 Tips to Use Data to Boost Your M&O

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Without intelligent, data-driven decisions guiding maintenance operations, you might have some problems. More than likely, you’ll be relying solely on reactive maintenance as a way to manage your assets, but that can get costly. 

Some food for thought: according to a recent Wall Street Journal report, unplanned downtime as a result of an over-reliance on reactive maintenance costs industrial manufacturers up to $50 billion each year. In fact, Deloitte research found that poor maintenance stemming from deferred maintenance backlogs reduced plant production capacity between 5% and 20% nationwide.  

That’s just the manufacturing sector. The U.S. General Services Administration recently estimated that it would cost $1.93 billion in preventive maintenance for its government facilities. Colleges and universities don’t fare much better because they currently face an urgent deferred maintenance backlog of more than $112 billion.  

All the result of an over-reliance on a reactive-first approach to M&O.

How do we get a proactive maintenance approach? 

Managing, and improving, M&O requires the use of quality data. By harnessing data in one computerized maintenance management system (CMMS), all of this information is accurate and available at your fingertips, and data-backed decision making becomes standard practice.  

By following these 7 steps, you'll learn how smart managers are using CMMS data insights to improve their operational efficiency and get on the road to proactive maintenance.  

Get on the road to success with data 

If you fall into the “we don’t have time to do proactive maintenance” camp, chances are you’re still spending valuable resources (cough, time and money) on fixing broken assets. A CMMS helps organizations hit their proactive maintenance goals.  

1. Aim for proactive maintenance with the 80/20 rule: Facilities function best with 80% proactive maintenance and 20% corrective.  

A CMMS can help your organization find the right balance. According to the Society for Maintenance & Reliability Professionals (SMRP), an 80/20 split is the goal, but 90/10 is world class.  

2. Avoid “stock-outs”: Production delays from lack of inventory control cost $260,000 per hour in unplanned downtime. 

There are other expenses that are often overlooked. Missing critical spare parts when needed results in difficulties meeting regulatory requirements. An integrated CMMS can help you to manage your spare parts and requisitions. Minimize stock-outs and never miss a critical spare part for a work order when you need it most.  

3. More uptime: 60% of operations using data from CMMS realized an average of a 9% boost in uptime.

Having the capacity to anticipate failures and accidents, while gaining percentage points of uptime and extending the lifetime of assets is a big impact on any organization’s bottom line.

4. Longer life cycle for assets: Data from predictive maintenance systems can improve asset health by 20%

Implementing the right approach with the right CMMS software will help you gain visibility into the life of your assets and facilities by avoiding costly capital expenses replacing or overhauling prematurely aged equipment.  

5. Save on material costs: Organizations that use CMMS data insights can save 19.4% in materials costs

In addition to an increase in maintenance productivity, and a reduction in equipment downtime and inventory, using predictive data has a big impact on cutting operational expenses.

6. Avoid safety regulation fines: Data can mitigate safety violations, which cost operations nationwide $164 billion in 2020.  

Safety is a primary driver of success for any M&O facility. Overall, workplace safety violations due to poor maintenance practices have become a serious problem. According to the National Safety Council (NSC), work injuries cost companies nearly $164 billion annually. OSHA penalties are increasing too, with costs ranging from $14,502 per violation to $145,027 per repeat violation.  

7. Save money: Predictive maintenance data from CMMS software is projected to save the manufacturing industry $630 billion annually by 2025. 

Whether you manage one or multiple facilities, proactive maintenance is more than just cost savings or a percentage point boost to uptime: it turns M&O into a profit center. CMMS manufacturing software can help you gain total visibility via a single platform for maintenance and asset management. 

Avoid wrong turns with the right data on your side

Create better outcomes for your facility. Make the switch to a CMMS and drive your organization to M&O success. Our CMMS software can help M&O managers rise above the swells and move from reactive damage repair to proactive maintenance. 

To learn more about how data can revolutionize your M&O processes, schedule a personalized demo to see how Brightly’s CMMS software can help you own your operations.