Easing the pain of rising healthcare energy costs with Brightly’s CMMS

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From heating, cooling and air quality to sterilizing equipment and powering life-saving medical devices, the energy footprint of healthcare facilities is significant — and growing.

Coupled with aging infrastructures and equipment failures, many hospitals and health systems face rising costs and budget restrictions. A facility’s energy bill often makes up a significant portion of the operating budget, but it's frequently overlooked as a source of cost savings.

With energy-related expenses on the rise, leveraging data and optimizing systems, workflows and facilities can help the healthcare industry to serve workers and patients better — while keeping budgets in mind.

Value-based healthcare meets sustainability

The concept of a sustainable hospital is not new. When it comes to the future of healthcare, the question isn’t whether hospitals will be sustainable — it’s how. Challenging, when you consider the immediate strain that rising energy costs are placing on already tight budgets!

Many healthcare facilities have been making strides to reduce their environmental impact for decades. The recent surge in awareness and action around sustainability has placed new urgency on hospitals and health systems to act more quickly and decisively.

But sustainability is about more than just reducing energy costs and carbon emissions.

Health systems are responsible for providing their patients with the best care possible, ensuring that the facilities where they work are fully safe and functional. Technology is the key to more efficient maintenance and operations — a necessity for the healthcare industry. A computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) can collect and centralize asset data to help decision-makers prioritize projects and direct funds to the initiatives that will deliver the most impact.

Data makes all the difference

Data is the fuel that powers smart asset management. This is especially true for smart buildings, where data is constantly generated from devices that monitor and control every aspect of building operations — from energy consumption to patient satisfaction.

The challenge is how to turn this data into actionable insights that can be used by facility managers to improve building performance.

CMMS and energy management software help optimize assets and empower decision-makers by improving operations and getting better patient outcomes. They don't just collect data; they deliver the information that can improve the healthcare industry over time.

For health systems feeling the pinch of rising energy costs, data and smart asset management can provide strategic insights into facilities, assets and resources, helping determine where to focus limited funds.

Curbing costs with a CMMS

A high-quality, reliable power supply is the backbone of successful healthcare operations. A robust CMMS can help maximize uptime and minimize downtime by allowing managers to plan for and manage repairs on an ongoing basis.

Healthcare facilities that have adopted a CMMS are experiencing the following:
  • Reduced utility bills by identifying wasted energy when partnered with data from an energy management solution
  • Increased building productivity with predictive maintenance
  • Improved patient comfort and satisfaction by monitoring environmental conditions
  • Harnessing the right tech

Historically, healthcare facilities have been hesitant to adopt new technologies. But providers are beginning to realize that technology can be a practical tool for improving patient care, reducing costs and boosting operational efficiency.

The good news is that there is an answer for healthcare providers looking for ways to reduce their energy costs without compromising patient care or increasing environmental impact. Brightly has a suite of solutions designed with the healthcare industry in mind that enable your assets to reveal what they need, and all you need is an easy way to collect, analyze and act on this data.

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