Marcy Playground Appreciates Fans, Raleigh Triangle Ahead of Illuminate 2024

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When Marcy Playground takes the stage to play at Illuminate 2024, it’ll be a homecoming of sorts for the band. We caught up with the band’s bassist and founding member, Dylan Keefe, to see what the trio has been up to, their connection to The Triangle, what to expect from their performance at our user conference, and much more.

Dylan Keefe - Marcy Playground

Although Dylan and the band are based out of New York City, the Raleigh-Durham area holds a special place in their hearts. “In the mid-90s, bands could actually make a living, or at least play a lot in that area, and it seemed like we grew a fan base down there. We would go down there a lot, van it up, and stay on peoples’ couches. Now, our management is based out of there so I would say we're not from there but it's definitely a special place for us when we're down there.”

Known for their hit song, “Sex and Candy,” Marcy Playground has traveled the world over, playing huge venues for massive crowds. Like so many others, the band was impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. After hitting pause on live shows, Dylan says he feels a newfound appreciation from fans.

“The reverberations of (the pandemic) for performers and for fans is just sort of this greater appreciation for live music. It’s somehow like it’s overlapping or in concentric circles with like all this chat about AI and stuff like that, and how that relates to the artistic world. What is auto generated and what's actually coming from humans? When they see us live and realize like we don't use playbacks, we don't have extra musicians — we are a three-piece band. I feel like it's a surprising event for most people, we just are kind of amazed at how much fun we have.”

So what can you expect from the band when they plug in at Illuminate? In the words of Dylan himself, “We are just a simple rock band with really good tunes and I feel like that's what people are getting when they come and hear us play."

We are just a simple rock band with really good tunes and I feel like that's what people are getting when they come and hear us play.

The refreshed and renewed love for playing live shows, paired with an increase in 90s nostalgia, has seen Marcy Playground continue to tour. While the band isn’t working on new music currently, they are working on recording a live album.

As the band nears its 30-year anniversary, there is plenty to be grateful for, starting with the fandom and appreciation Marcy Playground is shown. “Even though the three of us are lighthearted people, I don't think we take it lightheartedly. We all sort of revel in the fact that it's so cool that we can have a job where we can go do this thing that we chose to fall in love with and that people still come to our shows.”

You can check out Dylan’s work as Director of Sound Design for the Radiolab podcast, hear Marcy Playground’s drummer Shlomi Lavie in his solo project Van Goose, or hear the trio take the stage this year at Illuminate. Don’t miss this one-of-a-kind event, complete with a private show from Marcy Playground. Get your tickets today!

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