Optimizing asset management with the right SaaS solution

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Whether you manage the operations of an educational facility or senior living center, an integrated software solution can effectively address your growing asset management needs. Making a move to a SaaS solution is not only fiscally responsible but also provides management with much-needed operational oversight. The question is: what are the capabilities of various asset management platforms, and how can they work for your organization?

Searching for the right technology begins with functionality; does the technology have the necessary components to make your organization more efficient? Consider your options with computer maintenance management systems (CMMS) and enterprise asset management (EAM) solutions. Understanding and implementing management software will result in long-term cost savings and a data-focused strategy.

What can a CMMS do for you?

Out of a need to centralize maintenance management arose CMMS. Integrating this technology will seamlessly optimize the upkeep and sourcing of equipment such as machinery, factory infrastructures, and other assets. With CMMS, organizations can streamline:

Inventory Optimization and Asset Registry

Inventory optimization features alert management when supplies are running low and automates order processing. Active tracking of part numbers, descriptions, and suppliers will ease replenishment operations.

Work Order Management

With a CMMS, you can track internal and external work order status in real-time. Using the preventive maintenance function will organize and group assets across multiple work orders, and automatically schedule preventive maintenance.

Maintenance Management

A vital function of CMMS is the management of maintenance cycles. Costly repair intervals are avoided with the predictive workflows built into the CMMS platform.

What can an EAM system do for you?

Asset-centric industries, such as energy, manufacturing, and construction commonly integrate EAM systems into their operations. Why? EAM provides a holistic view of asset lifecycle management. In other words, a CMMS is one important piece of an EAM solution. In addition to maintenance and inventory management, two of the many EAM system capabilities include:

Analytics & Reporting

EAM solutions track key performance indicators (KPIs) to identify and resolve potential issues. This kind of insight is a powerful tool in smart operations management.

Capital Management

Management teams can get ahead of emergency scenarios with predictive technology, and review work orders to analyze past, present, and potential issues.

Consider your organization’s size, projected growth, and long-term goals when selecting an asset management solution. Technology continues to evolve. Let it evolve with your team.

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