Worker safety: a top reason to implement an EAM solution

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Across industries, business leaders are closely looking at two things: where they can drive efficiency and what they can do to save money.

For starters, worker safety has the potential to be an area of avoidable expenses for leaders who are seeing the value of adding an enterprise asset management (EAM) solution to their organizations.

Investing in EAM is one way to optimize operations — and companies worldwide are taking note. Worker safety isn't just a cost-savings initiative. Leaders now want workers to be safe on the job and avoid absenteeism due to injury, which piles up work and drops productivity.

In the 2022 Verdantix Green Quadrant®: EAM Software report by global research firm Verdantix found that improved operational risk management is a top priority for executives in EAM decision-making, with worker safety identified as one of the top reasons driving adoption of EAM software.

Another finding in the report was that while reducing maintenance-related costs is a main factor for the C-suite to invest in asset management solutions, smarter EAM should be a higher priority.

So…what does the Verdantix report mean for today’s enterprises?

The data is there and it can power better decision-making

Asset and facilities data has always been around, but now there is the tech that can help businesses to do something with — and about it.

The report found that tools such as EAM software help drive workplace safety goals through:  

  • Digital transformation strategies 
  • Application consolidation 
  • The elimination of data silos 
  • Sustainability priorities

Verdantix also identified that greater insights into asset conditions are critical to increasing mobility to implement maintenance activities through: 

  • Predictive maintenance analytics  
  • Mobile applications  
  • Industrial wearables  
  • Cloud computing 

Worker safety is in the driver’s seat for EAM adoption 

The cost of worker’s compensation can be MASSIVE — as high as the $1 billion per week range, according to a 2021 report from OHSA. Money is flying out the door from expenses such as: 

  • Wage and productivity losses 
  • Medical fees  
  • Administrative costs and more

On top of equipment failure, these factors contribute to asset downtime. According to the 2021 Verdantix global survey, 84% of the 256 respondents noted that minimizing all factors of unplanned downtime was an ‘important’ driver for their firm to invest in asset management software in 2022 and 2023. 

Worker safety is one of the main reasons business leaders are turning to EAM. 

Brightly earns top positions in EAM market 

Brightly is proud to be singled out as a leader by Verdantix for our comprehensive data-driven EAM solutions and computerized maintenance management systems (CMMS). In the Green Quadrant analysis, we earned a top position for both the ‘momentum and capabilities’ categories in the Leaders’ Quadrant.

If companies can shift to proactive asset and risk management via an EAM solution, they can avoid machine downtime. (I.e., fewer worker injuries, less disruptions to the flow of business or other avoidable business casualties). Central management helps you gain valuable visibility into every aspect of your operations, including the safety and security of your workplace across multiple facilities.

Our award-winning Asset Essentials™ and TheWorxHub™ promote worker safety and compliance with one-step work request forms, quick mobile communication, Environment of Care and security rounding tools, survey and inspection templates, custom, shareable reports, and compliance-specific dashboards. 

Brightly’s EAM solution is on deck to help you see the full picture of your assets so you can make better — as well as safer — decisions for your buildings, fleets, employees and organization. For more information on the 2022 Verdantix Green Quadrant®: EAM Software report, download the full report