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Mental Health Awarenesss

Mental Health Awareness Month: Prioritize Your Mind

2 minutes
In today's fast-paced and competitive corporate world, mental health has become a crucial aspect that cannot be ignored. The pressure to meet...
Navigating Change RL Card / Teaser

The Brightly side: 5 tips to navigate any significant change

5 minutes
If you were keeping up with us over the last year (or even if you weren’t, it was pretty busy for many of us), Brightly saw A LOT of change. From a...
Blog Lockout Tag Out RL Card Teaser

Simplifying Lockout/Tagout Procedures With A CMMS

6 minutes
For companies that work with large machinery, it's vital to control hazardous energy that machines can emit. The Occupational Health and Safety...
AUS Blog RL Card Teaser

The benefits of early end of financial year planning for asset managers

7 minutes
Preparing for end of financial year (EOFY) auditing is often a busy and stressful time for asset accountants within councils across Australia...
Illuminate Drone Show RL Card Teaser

Drone the Night: How to Put on a Drone Show

4 minutes
At Illuminate, we fielded plenty of questions about our powerful solutions and how your team can work more efficiently. We also had plenty of...
Ravyn Kingsberry RL Card Teaser

Inclusion on a Spectrum: Empowering Autism Awareness

2 minutes
The practice of inclusion is rooted in acceptance of one’s authentic self and allowing individuals the opportunity to bring their unique perspectives...

How to protect your operations budget during inflation

In times of inflation, smart technology can help maximize budgets (including help with grant or funding requests) through more effective utility management, smart asset management, and reduced long-term or emergency costs from preventive maintenance.

EDU Cost-Cutting Strategies for Schools RL Card Teaser

Boost School Operations and Save Money: 10 Strategies

7 minutes
As the cost of education continues to increase, those tasked with paying for educational costs have continued to feel the strain. Cutting costs...
Origin RL card

Better capital planning with Origin’s powerful new features

2 minutes
In an age of record inflation, supply-chain related issues and lack of funding across the board, getting the most out of every dollar matters. Every...
Decarbonization Carbon Zero Tool RL Card Teaser

Brightly Confirm™ leading the way on tracking local authority’s operational carbon footprint

6 minutes
Emissions from operate and maintain activities are often forgotten. Brightly Enterprise Asset Management software tracks the emissions generated from...
Healthcare Operational Excellence RL Card Teaser

Healthcare Operations Management Guide: Achieving Operational Excellence

8 minutes
Healthcare operations management is an integral part of the healthcare industry. Achieving operational excellence in healthcare isn’t easy; it...
Illuminate Recap Blog RL Card Teaser

That’s a wrap on Illuminate 2023: By the numbers

3 minutes
After years of hosting events virtually, it was great to see so many smiling faces filling up the Raleigh Convention Center for Illuminate! Our annual...

Business benefits of a sustainability strategy

6 minutes
Sustainability is no longer just a buzzword. Increasingly companies are required by local government or investors to report out their carbon emissions...

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