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ESG Real Estate RL Card Teaser

Incorporate ESG Into Your Commercial Real Estate Strategy

8 minutes
Shifting market and non-market conditions create a variety of risks and opportunities in commercial real estate. Property owners and landlords have...

Choosing an ESG Reporting Framework for Your Organization

7 minutes
Selecting an environmental, social, and governance (ESG) reporting framework for your organization can be a daunting task. There are so many...
WSCAM RL Card Teaser

Benefits of Ports Australia’s updated condition assessment manual for marine & coastal assets

6 minutes
The Wharf Structures Condition Assessment Manual (WSCAM) was developed in 2014 by Ports Australia after identifying a need for a consistent...
International Women's Day (IWD) RL Card Teaser

Embracing Equity Across the Globe: International Women's Day 2023

2 minutes
International Women’s Day is an annual global celebration on March 8, uplifting the social, political, cultural and economic contributions of women in...
Climate Reporting RL Card Teaser

6 Emission reporting frameworks & certifications companies should know about

9 minutes
#top, #gresp, #cdp, #sasb, #crrem, #leed, #energy-star { scroll-margin-top: 10rem; } GRESB CDP SASB CRREM LEED ENERGY STAR Tracking ESG data has...
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Chatty Café - March 2023 Update

2 minutes
We are very grateful for Brightly’s continued support of Chatty Café Australia (CCA), based in Victoria, a health promotion and community wellbeing...

How to protect your operations budget during inflation

In times of inflation, smart technology can help maximize budgets (including help with grant or funding requests) through more effective utility management, smart asset management, and reduced long-term or emergency costs from preventive maintenance.

Healthcare CMMS Blog

What Is a Healthcare CMMS and How Does It Work?

5 minutes
A healthcare computerized maintenance system (CMMS) is a software platform for healthcare maintenance professionals to collate and collect vital...
Funding Infrastructure Blog RL Card Teaser

How Government Agencies Can Take Advantage of the IIJA

6 minutes
For leaders in charge of government assets, facilities, and capital planning, smart asset management is vital for the communities that surround them...
Renuka Headshot RL Card Teaser

Engineering a gender equal future

4 minutes
For Women’s History Month, we are honouring the women on our team and sharing their stories. This year’s United Nations International Women’s Day...
Tech ESG RL Card teaser

How Tech Improves Visibility into Tenant Emissions

4 minutes
Leading commercial real estate portfolio managers are required to report GHG emissions on a regular basis. Emissions reporting mandates are cropping...
2023 Client Excellence Award RL Card Teaser

Illuminating our 2023 Excellence Award Winner: Cassandra Herrera-Ayala

3 minutes
Illuminate 2023 is in the books, and we cannot thank those of you enough for joining us and making it such a memorable event. After years of virtual...
Maintenance Planning

7 Tips for More Efficient Maintenance Planning

5 minutes
Maintenance planning starts with one simple mantra: stay running. Of course, anyone who has ever been around facilities management knows that is not...

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