Surveys & Inspections for TheWorxHub™

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See inside our surveys and inspections module for TheWorxHub™ and discover the tools you need to simplify your inspection and compliance processes.

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TheWorxHub serves as an inspection tool, provides unique add on functionality that pairs well with both our maintenance and housekeeping modules. Imagine being able to remove your paper checklists and QA inspections and have them fully integrated into your facility services software with mobile capability. This is how it can work in your community. Perform Mobile QA surveys behind housekeepers to ensure top-notch service delivery, create mobile safety surveys, and trigger corrective actions to relevant parties in real time.

Automate resident surveys through emails to capture satisfaction levels following work that's completed. We found in most cases that these surveys and inspections were largely a manual process, both the process of collecting and tabulation. Meaning it was a huge time drain on supervisors, in particular, to collect the results and then having to sit back down in front of a computer for data entry and then having to make sense of the results. With TheWorxHub Surveys and Inspections, supervisors can spend more time reviewing intuitive reports, action plans, and less time on manual processes. To learn more, contact your account representative.