Success Story

Asset Essentials Helps CS Beef Packers Increase Efficiencies, Cut Costs

CS Beef Packers
Kuna, Idaho, U.S.
Scott Dixon
Leadership Trainer and Techonology Supervisor


Scott Dixon, leadership trainer and technology supervisor at CS Beef Packers, spoke with Brightly sales reps a few years ago about implementing Asset Essentials, but company leaders were happy with their current software. By mid-2022, that existing software program had begun causing problems for CS Beef. For example, the company typically handles about 1,500 to 2,200 work orders per day, the software was manipulating data, sending technicians 8,000 to 10,000 work orders per day. Dixon convinced the general manager to let him look at other software programs—and later that same day, a Brightly sales rep called to check in. 

“He just called to see if we needed their assistance, and we did,” Dixon says. Within three months, Asset Essentials was up and running at CS Beef. 


After transitioning to Brightly’s Asset Essentials, CS Beef Packers has been able to:  

  • Gain visibility into parts usage to predict inventory needs and potential equipment failures
  • Increase efficiencies and better track labor and asset effectiveness
  • Benefit from working with a knowledgeable partner and a product that is continually evolving to better meet their needs


 Farm-to-market manufacturer of beef products with:  

  • Two beef processing locations
  • 1,700 cattle processed daily
  • Beef products marketed worldwide
  • About 200 employees
  • $4 million in average annual revenue