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When global research firm Verdantix examined 14 enterprise asset management (EAM) vendors for the 2022 Verdantix Green Quadrant®: EAM Software report, Brightly was named one of the top companies shaping the EAM space. 

If you’ve been in the dark, EAM, an offshoot of computerized maintenance management systems (CMMS), enables businesses to build their asset maintenance strategy.

An EAM solution can help companies to keep better inventory, take better care of their assets throughout the asset lifecycle, boost worker safety and ultimately, leverage data to perform proactive maintenance that can benefit nearly every aspect of an organization.

When evaluating an EAM vendor, there are a few elements to consider.  

Well, technically (and functionally), you want an EAM solution with quite a few capabilities… 

Verdantix examined the pool of EAM vendors from every angle for its report. As far as technical capabilities, security and business intelligence ranked high on the list of must-haves.

Verdantix also explored integration and mobile application architecture, and user interfaces, as well as vetting the solutions for configurability and deployment options.

In the Green Quadrant analysis, Verdantix identified Brightly strengths in application and data center security, with Brightly scoring 2.2/3.0. (For reference, the Green Quadrant average is 1.8/3.0). Our EAM solution led with 99.9% compliance with service level agreements (SLAs), a one-hour recovery time objective (RTO), and a one-minute recovery point objective (RPO).

The report also matrixed the functional capabilities of the EAM solutions on the market.  

  • Asset information, audit, contractor, customer and inspection management 
  • Materials and inventory management 
  • Mobile app product portfolio and use cases 
  • Operational risk, procurement and project management 
  • Maintenance analytics, resource planning and more 

For mobile app functionality, Brightly scored 50% above average, with a platform bringing job details, work progress, risk assessments, documentation, and more to one centralized location. 

It’s time for your organization to realize the Brightly side of EAM

At Brightly, we’re dedicated to helping organizations realize the benefits of centralized, connective operations. If you’d like to uncover more about what’s shaping EAM, download the full 2022 Verdantix Green Quadrant®: EAM Software report and learn how Brightly is leading transformation in the EAM market. 

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