Verdantix names digital transformation as one of the primary growth drivers in the EAM space

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Gone are the days of legacy software systems and old-school paperbound processes; according to global research firm Verdantix, industries are taking control of their assets by turning to the cloud. Digital transformation has proven to be one of the most impactful and far-reaching changes to take place in recent years. It’s also significantly reshaping how organizations manage their physical and virtual assets. 

Industries of all varieties are digitizing new (or modifying existing) operational processes to meet shifting business and market requirements. In doing so, they are discovering that it’s a holistic effort that requires significant modification at all levels, from operational to strategic. 

In the pursuit of enterprise-wide technical conversion, savvy management teams are signing on with smart asset management solutions to digitize their enterprise, and for good reason. 

These platforms can help organizations manage their assets more effectively and optimize their operations with benefits that include reduced costs, improved efficiency, and end-to-end transparency. 

Digital transformation is opening up new possibilities for enterprise asset management (EAM). In their 2022 Green Quadrant®: EAM Software report, Verdantix finds that more organizations are seeking smart EAM solutions as they strive to update processes. With unparalleled scalability and agility, cloud-based and mobile solutions enable organizations to keep up with the fast pace of change. 

The result? Reduced downtime and enhanced overall efficiency, mainly through: 

  • Industrialization: Facilities and equipment managers gain deep insights from real-time monitoring that can help predict performance outages, schedule routine maintenance and make more informed financial decisions. 
  • Integration: Modern facilities are made up of many disparate systems. These include HVAC, lighting, security, and energy systems. With the right asset management solution, these systems can be managed remotely. Managers can get real-time insight into their facility, from water leaks to motion detectors. This makes it easier for managers to quickly find the problem areas in their facility and respond with more efficiency. 
  • Analyzation: EAM software works to match employee workload with demand by helping companies gather and analyze data to see where inefficiencies exist, enabling resources to be deployed more effectively. 

While paper or analog systems are often slow to evolve, sustainable real-time asset management infrastructure is expanding rapidly — and organizations need the right products and services to stay competitive. 

As technology makes it easier than ever before to connect across organizations, more management teams are turning to Enterprise Asset Management solutions. At Brightly, we understand how smart industries could be better positioned for future growth. Our EAM solutions are designed with functionality in mind; being able to scale both horizontally and vertically while growing alongside your business and handling enterprise-grade data. 

A constantly evolving industry means ever-changing needs and expectations, and Brightly will always be focused on the future. 

Digitalization is the key to organizational development, and the tool that makes it all possible is Enterprise Asset Management. Download the Verdantix report today to see how Brightly is changing the game.