How maintenance initiatives are driving EAM implementation

3 minutes

Maintenance. That's the name of the game for any business that owns a fleet of vehicles or a factory full of machines. As such, it's one of the biggest factors powering the growth of Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) solutions — a sector that, according to international research firm, Verdantix, has seen a surge in implementation over the past few years. 

Maintenance is key to keeping assets up and running 

When it comes to maintaining assets, there's no 'one size fits all' solution. Organizations must consider the type of building they're managing — a hospital or educational facility is going to have different processes for maintenance and repair than a warehouse or office space. Each scenario should be understood before any asset management strategy can be mobilized.

Consider implementing these two best practices: 

Create a centralized asset database 

Inventory management is one of the biggest pain points for businesses, making it difficult to manage their assets. Businesses can often be held back by the sheer number of assets they have, making it extremely difficult for employees to locate what they need when they need it. 

Develop standard operating procedures (SOPs) specific to asset management  

If there are no documented standard operating procedures in place, create some. Keep them short and sweet. The purpose of SOPs is to provide consistent guidance on how asset management activities are performed and distributed across operations. Also, don’t recreate the wheel; create them within the main operations manual in hand to keep messaging consistent. 

Maintaining assets can be a challenge 

To be really successful, and to maintain that success in the long term, products and services should be available at all times. As such, organizations need a reliable system to track and control assets.

EAM solutions cover everything from data analysis and facility management right through inventory automation and incident investigation. 

Maintenance: managed. 

Smart EAM solutions, driven by maintenance initiatives 

Utilizing existing infrastructure is a great way to keep costs down, but with aging facilities comes a whole new set of issues. With aging buildings comes aging (or, in many cases, falling apart) building systems and other essential equipment.

This is where EAM solutions deliver maximum value.

Smart, cloud-based asset management systems can ease the shift to digital, as well as track any damage done from aging systems. If any key functionality drops, EAM tools will monitor changes and alert management to the problem, giving them time to address issues before they compile.

Brightly is built for this. A straightforward, accessible SaaS solution, Brightly makes it easy for users to track valuable assets within any kind of industry. From government to healthcare and all that’s in between, Brightly has developed a smart EAM solution for the next generation of maintenance management. 

Brightly’s cloud-powered solutions manage processes for the workforce of today, while planning for the workforce of tomorrow. Download the full 2022 Verdantix Green Quadrant®: EAM Software report to see how Brightly factors into growth in the EAM space