Verdantix reports that cost-effective programs are driving smart Enterprise Asset Management adoption

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There’s no ignoring it: Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) is a strategic imperative. 

Businesses need dependable industrial asset management software. The maintenance-related costs alone are too great for companies to go without investing in such a tool of the future. Not only does this technology help to painlessly reduce costs by boosting efficiency, but it also allows employees to work more quickly and easily. 

The result? Increased productivity, not an increased budget. 

When choosing an EAM solution, most companies look for a product that reduces costs, and international research firm, Verdantix, has the data to back that up. According to the 2021 Verdantix global corporate survey's findings, 71% of the 256 respondents stated that reducing maintenance-related costs was a substantial consideration when investing in industrial asset management solutions. 

What does this mean for today’s enterprises? 

Making room for smart asset management means organizations can reap major benefits like:  

Increased maintenance efficiency

EAM software houses advanced analytics that can help organizations improve maintenance efficiency. Teams have full visibility into the process of preventive maintenance and overall connected assets and systems, which makes it easier to anticipate when equipment needs repair or replacement. 

Reduced asset downtime

Organizations can boost asset uptime and reduce maintenance costs by integrating advanced analytics. That same data can provide valuable insights on what problems need to be addressed and ensure those issues are handled with precision. 

Since the start of modern-day industries, finance and supply chain managers have relied on planning and historical data to forecast operations. But the limitations of this approach are not sustainable in today's increasingly complex (and tech-heavy) world. The best way to capture a competitive edge is with real-time asset management tools that can improve efficiencies and cut operational costs. 

Brightly approaches asset management from multiple angles, making it one of the most sophisticated and feature-rich SaaS solutions available. We aim to be one of the strategic pillars of growth and development, as we provide all users — throughout the various corners of their business — with unified access to valuable data and tools. 

The only constant in the world is change, but change is in our DNA. Brightly’s platform was designed from the ground-up to scale organizations from single-digit workforces to enterprise-level data protection, providing all-inclusive service for any team, no matter how big or small. 

How can your team maximize the many cost-saving opportunities available through smart SaaS solutions?

Brightly has a few ideas. Download the full 2022 Verdantix Green Quadrant®: EAM Software report and see how Brightly is helping to transform the EAM space.