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Build short- and long-term operational and capital plans for Strategic Asset Management (SAM) 

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Assets and infrastructure are aging, quickly. Budgets are tight. Regulatory compliance requirements are mounting. In order to predict and plan for the short- and long-term, you need tools to help you move from budget-contrained, siloed planning to data-driven decision-making.

Brightly's strategic asset management solutions empower you to:

  • Understand and justify funding requirements
  • Align on a strategy and unite stakeholders
  • Improve short- and long-term asset outcomes

Strategic asset management for smarter assets

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Our full asset lifecycle prediction modeling and capital planning software means you can make better investment decisions and tell more effective data stories to prove your case.

Model your capital needs confidently

Don’t let budget constraints hold you back from service level targets. Predictor’s algorithms reveal which assets need maintenance when. You’ll know what’s needed now, what’s happening tomorrow – and how to pay for it.

Give new life to your facility

Know which systems you should invest in, at the best possible time. Capital Predictor lets you plan out how to keep your facility systems optimized for up to the next 30 years.

Improve the overall health of assets

Inform your capital investment decision making so you can maximize asset health with accurate scenario modeling across treatment types, intervention points, required funding levels and more.

Integrate data visualizations

Make your asset management plans jump off the screen. REST APIs and data connectors integrate seamlessly to GIS, BI and analytics engines. And integrate multiple input sources and create a unified, informed story.

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Work Planner™

Greater efficiency is only one GIS interface away. Seamlessly connect to Predictor simulations and simplify multi-year capital work planning.

Benefit from GIS visualizations

Work Planner brings together all optimized outputs from Predictor to give you greater visibility into all potential outcomes - so you can plan for the best while preparing for any surprises.

An interactive GIS environment

Use a drag-and-drop dashboard to select your assets and add them into any project or phase. You’ll immediately see the impact on spending, asset health and more.

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Leveraging healthcare and critical environment experience to launch enterprise asset management (EAM) into multiple industries, our next-gen strategic asset management and asset health solution provides strategic insights into facilities, assets and resources that help determine where to focus limited funds.

Predict long-term asset health

Asset-specific benchmarking and maintenance data provides a clear picture of your facilities’ current condition and where attention is needed the most to reduce risk. 

Leverage your maintenance data from any CMMS

Modify expected useful asset life in real time to maintain an accurate picture of your asset health landscape. 

Communicate with stakeholders at all levels

Build models that depict the impact of different labor resource scenarios to justify funding needs. 

Mitigate risks of failure with confidence

Risk ranking shows the impact associated with aging assets and helps visualize repair vs. replace scenarios to convey a data-driven strategic approach to asset management. 

Secure funding using asset lifecycle modeling

Compare the cost of addressing critical asset failure against the impact of deferring maintenance funds on any given asset to make the best possible decisions for replacement. 

Plan and execute capital projects

See all the associated costs with a collaborative and full-picture approach that eliminates guesswork associated with capital project planning. 

Visualize asset health impacts of preventive maintenance

Optimize labor resources while maintaining your standards of asset health throughout your entire asset portfolio.

Success Story

Rancho California Water District Client Success Story

Rancho California Water District
Temecula/Rancho, California

Rancho California Water District uses Brightly to identify $3.4M in savings

"We had been experiencing mixed results employing different asset management products and solutions that never quite lived up to our expectations. Our results really turned for the better once we started using Brightly and adopted a lifecycle approach to our long-term strategic asset management strategies."

rancho CA
Water Resource Manager, RCWD
Success Story

Medina County, OH Client Success Story

Medina County
Medina County, Ohio, US

Medina County, OH saves $100K+ in vehicle maintenance costs

"This year so far (January-October), we've completed 457 fleet work orders and saved the county $180,000."

medina, OH
Facilities Director, Medina County, OH
Success Story

Pepsi Bottling Ventures Client Success Story

Pepsi Bottling Ventures LLC
Garner, North Carolina

Pepsi Bottling Ventures gains significant time and labor savings with asset management solution

“They are always coming out with new updates and integrating the feedback we give them. We consider them a partner and look forward to future successes together.”

Tom Wiza
Plant Manager and VP of Operations, Pepsi Bottling Ventures

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